Welcome to People Changing Enterprises, the show for status quo-busters inside enterprises who are ready to make change happen. 

Enterprise change strategies haven't changed in many years. But enterprises have — and people have.

At Contentstack, we empower people inside enterprises like Riot Games, Dawn Foods, and Icelandair to change their businesses by adopting new, modern technologies, creating new ways for teams to collaborate, and by helping experts to perform to their full creative potential.

We want you to do it too. So we're inviting people who have transformed big businesses from the inside to share their secrets for success. We will look at their journey through three lenses: technology, mindset, and business strategy. And we'll make sure you hear the best, most actionable advice — first-hand.

This is People Changing Enterprises. Are you ready to make your mark?

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Zach Crittendon (Levi's) shares the psychology behind tech strategies that make marketing teams more autonomous.

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How to be scared and challenge anyway

Jon Richards was not always a "challenger" type. But when he saw a very broken process inside his business, he knew he had to take action. So he put together a proposa...

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