Moving from monolith to composable with ASICS' Mindy Montgomery

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Mindy Montgomery, Sr. Technical Product Manager at ASICS, describes the brand's journey from monolithic technology to a composable customer experience ecosystem. She describes how their eCommerce, omnichannel, and partnerships brand experiences are underpinned by composable technology, and how all of that stems from their brand mission - "A sound mind in a sound body".

Learn about:
- The ASICS vision for the truly omnichannel customer experience 
- How the company moved from a Salesforce monolithic platform to a composable stack
- What Mindy has learned about how to run RFPs quickly, efficiently, and effectively

1:01 The ASICS omnichannel vision
2:30 The company's journey to eCommerce and composable technology
3:57 The brand promise that is driving technological strategy at ASICS
4:39 The composable model supporting future brand extensions inside the ecosystem platform
6:33 Moving off the monolith 
8:11 What's next in eCommerce for the brand
10:09 Tips for surviving the RFP process
13:06 Trust your internal knowledge - and instincts when it comes to vendor conversations

Moving from monolith to composable with ASICS' Mindy Montgomery
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