How to take a brick and mortar business digital, with Boels’ Bjørn Kreijen

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Deep dive into taking a traditional brick and mortar business into the digital age. Bjørn Kreijen, Director of Digital and eCommerce at Boels equipment rental company, shares his firsthand experience of starting a digital department from scratch with a team of just three people, and steering an 8,000 employee enterprise onto the path of digital transformation. Learn about: 
  • The unique strategies that guided Boels' digital revolution 
  • Creating customer journeys instead of traditional "personas", which shaped their technology and digital strategy 
  • Implementing a monolithic platform before making the leap to a composable approach 
You'll learn how Bjørn overcame challenges, convinced stakeholders to invest in digital, and his roadmap to digital success in the world of brick and mortar businesses. 

1:06 What is Boels?
1:35 Bjorn's role at Boels when he started as director of marketing and communications
2:19 Technical landscape at Boels and how the idea of a digital department came to be
4:29 Talking to the board about investing in digital 
5:26 How the team structure changed during the company's digital transformation 
7:06 Making the decision to have front end and back end developers in different teams
8:25 Changing the ways of working - selecting a framework
11:32 Creating customer journeys for digital (instead of personas)
14:24 Going monolith first, then composable
17:45 Advice for brick and mortar companies starting digital transformation
19:13 Working with partners for change management 

How to take a brick and mortar business digital, with Boels’ Bjørn Kreijen
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