Moving to a composable architecture, with Levi's Zach Crittendon

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Zach Crittendon implemented Levi Strauss & Co.'s first composable technology, and has long been an advocate for composable and advisor to retail brands, answering their questions about how to do it well, what to do first, and what to look forward to after the transition. Today, hear from Zach first-hand about what "going composable" has enabled for Levi's and how you can do the same.
You'll hear:
- The brand's risk-reducing method to transition to a best-of-breed architecture
- How Zach Crittendon built inventory-aware shoppable videos for Levi's in two days of coding
-And why going composable has allowed Levi's marketers to do things they only dreamed of for many years

01:43 Levi's e-commerce journey
02:57 Why go composable?
04:53 What going composable has made possible for Levi's
07:39 Zach's advice for making the move to composable successful
08:33 How Levi's did it: which business case they started with, and what are the phases that followed
12:03 How Levi's commerce + content experience capabilities work, and why Zach is proud of these
17:48 How Zach built "shoppable videos" in two days

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Moving to a composable architecture, with Levi's Zach Crittendon
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