From frustration to freedom: The Sky Websites revolution

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Sky is one of Europe's leading media organizations, and since going composable, they've created a revolutionary way inside the business for content editors to create and update websites without involving developers. It's called Sky Websites, and it won the Contentstack Experience Awards in 2023. Project leads Richard Mace, Senior Product Manager and Oliver Cavanagh, Lead Developer, join the show to talk about how Sky Websites was created, how it's helped to both developers and content editors work more effectively, and what hurdles had to be overcome to make it happen.

01:22 Richard, Oliver, and Sky Group introduction
02:14 The drivers behind composable transformation at Sky Group
03:39 What is Sky Websites?
05:37 A composable content model POC
06:58 What impact has Sky Websites had on the business? 
09:40 The hurdles of changing mindsets and challenging the status quo 
12:36 Why it's important to be able to let go of your work
13:25 Why composable is essential for the Sky Websites project 
15:15 The importance of small steps - transformation won't always go smoothly
17:49 Setting yourself up for future success

From frustration to freedom: The Sky Websites revolution
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