Earning authority: How a team of copywriters changed an airline

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Hallur, Óskar and Edvardas took a messy process inside Icelandair and turned it into the company's competitive advantage. In this episode, they share how they did it, and how you can create your own "center of excellence" inside your organization - no matter your "rank".
Icelandair's content (all of it - from flight destinations to marketing campaigns) was scattered across business teams and third-party agencies. Then this power trio took the reins and brought the process in-house, under control, and to a level of efficiency that allowed them to stay operational through all the chaos during Covid shutdowns and beyond. In the process they became the brand's "content center of excellence". In this episode, Icelandair's Óskar Völundarson, Edvardas Paskevicius, and Hallur Þór Halldórsson dive deep into their content process - so if your organization's content is a bit chaotic, this is a great listen. Or, if you are part of any team that could use some quality control, organization, process and structure, check out this episode to learn how to take the reins and become the managing authority of excellence yourself. 

01:18 What is the job of content at Icelandair?
02:02 The content team as intermediaries
02:39 "Before": What was the content landscape before Óskar and Edvardas joined the company?
04:23 "During": What transformed in the business, the culture, and the team, to allow change to take place?
06:06 "After": What does the content Center of Excellence look like today?
07:22 Troubleshooting: What Óskar and Edvardas do when something goes wrong in the content process
09:42 How can someone create their own Center of Excellence inside their organization?
10:19 Example of a well-oiled content excellence process
11:43 How the team ensures clear lines of communication
12:30 How to create, or earn, the authority to become arbiters of excellence

Earning authority: How a team of copywriters changed an airline
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