Create a Digital Center of Excellence for sustained innovation

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Scaling a digital business is a given necessity, but when you're in an old-school industry - like golf - it can get pretty tricky to get to the level of digital agility you need, let alone create cutting-edge innovation. But Jon Richards, Head of Digital at Golfbreaks, did it - implementing an agile composable stack across the business. What's more, he created something called a "Digital Center of Excellence" that supports continued innovation for the company.
In this episode, learn how leisure travel company Golfbreaks went from outdated to composable technology, what a Digital Center of Excellence can do for your company, and how to sustain innovation across the business with technology, people, and processes. 

1:13 What is a Digital Center of Excellence?
2:54 Golfbreaks' messy technology landscape "before"
5:09 Why the company stopped using agencies and moved most functions in-house
6:12 How Golfbreaks transformed its tech stack to support continuous innovation 
9:08 Why agnostic "composable" technology de-risks the tech acquisition process
10:52 How the company finds good developers
11:38 Using young talent to revive an old industry
14:04 How to decide what CX innovations to go after - or not
15:05 Example of an innovation Golfbreaks had to roll back 
16:24 Example of looking closely at CX data to fix revenue leaks 
Create a Digital Center of Excellence for sustained innovation
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