Battling resistance to change, with ASICS' Mindy Montgomery

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Mindy Montgomery, Senior Technical Product Manager at Asics, shares the many ways she's navigated around organizational resistance to change.
Mindy Montgomery has led change from without, from within, as a leader and as an individual contributor - and in this episode, she shares tips learned from years guiding businesses through major technological shifts. 
- How to work towards a vision, even if leadership hasn't provided one 
- The killer question that disrupts the attitude "that's the way we've always done things"
- How to build your argument to be successful as an agent of change
- How to be a leader that empowers change agents (instead of an inhibitor) 

1:11 How ASICS built confidence inside the org during a major technology and process change
1:47 Working towards a vision without a leadership directive
3:39 How to help organizations break out of old habits
5:37 De-pressurizing the process of change
8:10 Creating a culture that empowers change agents
10:18 Advice for leaders at all levels of the organization 

Battling resistance to change, with ASICS' Mindy Montgomery
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